LeBron James to Be Named President of Universe

In a move that has been called “not suprising in the least,” authorities from several galaxies and constellation clusters have announced that LeBron James will indeed be named the next President of the Universe.

“We believe that James’ ability to distribute the ball, score at will, and his impressive work ethic will play out well in the realm of intergalactic politics,” Xelgon, King of Gormak stated in a press conference Monday morning. “Oh man, I totally can’t wait to meet him,” he added with a clear look of glee.

When notified of the honor, James was typically humble: “Yeah, that’s great, I mean that’s really cool. But that’s just the start, you know? Mo Williams was just telling me all about string theory and shit, and there’s like millions of alternate universes that I have yet to even play basketball in. This is nice, but it’s just the beginning of loftier goals.”

When asked how he planned to become President of All Existing Universes, LeBron simply smiled and took a large gulp of his Sprite.