Weekend Recap

It hurt: to watch Kansas drop a 13 point lead, and start throwing the ball away — essentially handing the win right over to Michigan State. Michigian State went on to beat Louisville, sure, but how much of that was M. State playing well, and L.ville playing like children with severed hands?

But I guess I can’t complain too much. The high of a national title is still just a little present, like the morning after a night of dirnking it you can tell it’s still kind of affecting you. A tough loss, but hey, what can you do, they’re only human (damn them if they lose again so help me god I will single handedly maul each one of them).

The Final Four: Way to go Villanova and M. State. If you tell me you had M. State in your final four, then you are a liar. I would love to sit here and say UConn will demolish them, but they have had a way of getting teams to play like crap lately, so who knos. Villanova was a sexy pick to make it this far, and for very good reason. They’re pretty damn good. But with Pitt and Louisville out, this tournament is ripe for the Hansbrough’s taking. If it wasn’t true before, it’s def true now – if UNC doesn’t get the title, this is a very disappointing season.

Tiger Woods is back: He won a tour tournament! OMG! I hate gold, but c’mon, you gotta give a little bit of a crap about this.

The Kentuckey Job: Billy Donovan should take it. In fact, he’s stupid not to. You’ll be a nice footnote in college ball history at Florida, you can be a legend at Kentuckey (even if I do hate them).

That’s all for now, happy Monday you jerks!