Very Quick Hip Check, 3/26

NIT: Paddy Mills finally lost, but it was to another team that got one of the bigger snubs this year in Sand Diego State (also, one of the worst names for a university). Hopefully this guy comes back stronger next year, and St. Mary’s makes even more a splash on the national scene.

Notre Dame beat Kentucky, which (hopefully) makes my Lobos losing to them after a buzzer beater look that much better. A lot of speculation about Gillespie getting the boot from Kentucky. Not sure why they hired him in the first place.

Baylor has been playing very well since the beginning of the Big 12 tournament. They have a shot at this thing, but it will be hard to match up with either ND or San Diego.

Goodell Will Consider Vick’s Remorse: We all remember those tender words from Mike’s assistant, or whoever the hell that guy was, “These are Mike’s words.” He touched us so deeply with his mildly regretful words (but they were his words, man).

Vick will probably get reinstated, seem more apologetic, and bounce around from team to team never really accomplishing anything. What he did should haunt his career, and he’ll be a joke in pop culture for a long time to come.

That’s it for now, sorry for the extreme shortness, but there’s a blizzard here, all right! GET OFF MY BACK!