USA Today Coaches Poll Released: Clearwater Creek Community College Fails to Break in Yet Again

The USA Today Coaches Poll was released this morning, with Florida unsurprisingly finding the number 1 spot yet again. But in a stunning development, Clearwater Creek Community College’s “Fighting Gophers” in Cottage Grove, Oregon, have seemingly been left out of the USA Today Coaches Poll altogether.

“This is an outrage,” we here at Sporting Hipster said. So we decided to do some digging.

According to USA Today, the Fighting Gophers did not receive a single vote. We contacted the athletic department head at CCCC, Jason Wilson, who happens to also be the Vice President of Student Affairs, Assistant Dean of Education, occasional student counselor, and Assistant Librarian

“I don’t believe there’s a football team here of any kind, aside from a few student run flag football matches on Sundays. So what’s this USA Today thingy?”

Sounds like Mr. Wilson is just as outraged as we are.