Top 3 Awesomely Ridiculous Websites You Should Visit

There’s nothing hipper than discovering the latest obscure, hilarious (intentionally or otherwsie) website and passing it along to your friends before they have a chance to do it to you. Here’s a rundown of 3 websites that you should be taking credit for finding…

3. Best of Craigslist

Ever peruse the “Men Seeking Men” section on Craigslist, just to see how funny the sexual inenduos can be? I mean, not like you sort of get off on it, just, like, for the humor of it… Yeah, me neither.

Regardless, this site preserves some of the best Craigslist ads to be posted in all of their glory. This is one of those sites that seems really awesome at first, but after multiple reads you realize the majority of it is just sexual solicitation ads that get really nasty, and the other half is fairly predictable and cliche — sort of like NBC’s sitcoms.

2. Sugar Bush Squirrel

The owner of this website is, quite simply, an angel. She saved the life of an Eastern Gray Squirrel from the very gropes of death itself. Clearly, she is a kinder person than you, you squirrel hating dick.

And thank god she committed this act of selflessness, because it gave us this amazing site. Sugar Bush Squirrell is a supermodel, impersonator, and political commentator all in one. This lucky squirrel has been forced to dress in garb ranging from Fidel Castro to Benazir Bhutto (in a moving memorial). Nothing says “you changed the world and we respect that” like dressing up a squirrel.

1. Awkward Boners

Who can’t relate to this site? Aside from the dickless portion of our population I guess (whoever they are, weirdos). We’ve all been in a situation where there’s a hot cop arresting you for sexual assault on a beaver when — OOPS! Awwwwwkwaaard! — you get the ol’ tingle south o’ the border. The funniest part is when that cop is a 300 pound mustachioed, bald man that claims to be your biological father — awkward, lolz!

Finally, a site that is dedicated to documenting these awesomely awesome moments of bonerifficness. The best part of this website is when you realize you’ve just spent half an hour looking at other men’s penises (I’m assuming no chicks would look at this site unless they are whores).