Sweet 16 Roundup and Preview

Man it’s good to have games being played again, isn’t it? Sadly, after this weekend the madness will die down. The Final Four will be fun, I’m sure, but it’s just not the same when you can look in the corner of your TV screen and watch the scores of other games tick by.

Did anyone ever doubt Villanova would win?: They are playing great, great b-ball, and it would be no surprise if they handle Pitt the same way they’ve handled their last two opponents.

Mizzou – how’d this happen?: Mike Anderson, their new coach, that’s how it happened. What a streak, but Memphis’ comeback showed they may be vulnerable when the pressure really drops on them.

Tonights games: No longer just a fan’s blindly ignorant ranting, Kansas has a very legit shot at taking out Izzo and co. They have come together at the right time, and they have nothing to lose at this point. If Collins and Aldrich are on their game — watch out…watch out for freaking AWESOMENESS!!!

Arizona is going to lose. Nuff said.

Cuse and Oklahoma? Tough call, this should be a monster game.

Finally, Ty Lawson is playing through his toe pain (anyone surprised by that? No you weren’t, you liar.), and Carolina is going to keep on chugging all the way to Detroit.

The one good thing about the tourney getting closer to the end? That much closer to the One Shining Moment finale.