Prince Fielder on Video: “I was just going to borrow some napkins.”

After a slightly heated game between the Dodgers and Brewers last night, in which two players were hit by pitches, 1st baseman Prince Fielder stormed towards the Dodgers lockerroom in a fit of rage. The video of Prince Fielder’s antics has since gone viral on the Internet, prompting many to speculate on why Fielder lost control of his emotions.

The staff here at Sporting Hipster were able to reach Prince Fielder via text message, and asked him to comment on the controversial video. Here’s the EXCLUSIVE reaction from Prince Fielder himself:

“lolz. oh manz, i didnt men to seem all crazy. lolz. man, i had some stuff on my pantz & i just needed some of the good hometeam napkinz, yo. my bad.”

Fielder then sent a link to a skateboarding dog video, with the caption, “you dudez will luv this. lolz.”