Preview of the National Championship – Which you Probably Won’t Read Until After the Game

Hi, it’s me, James. I just wanted to thank you for visiting my little website here. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here at Sporting Hipser (.com).

Before we go any further, I think it’s important that you know something: the game is already over. I know this because I’m posting this preview nay two hours before tip-off of the 2009 NCAA National Championship. If you’re reading this, chances are the game is over, I’m weeping like an injured child as Vandross pipes “One Shining Moment” delicately into the now silent Bracketology Institute, and Tyler Hansbrough finally gives that last – more gentle – pat on the ass of each UNC player, staff member, and faculty; the game’s OVER, fucking over.

Thus is the curse of my horrid condition: pure, extreme-hardcore porn. It distracts me. I’m late. Sorry.

As I was saying, as you know by now, North Carolina will probably win this game. M. State and The Izzo-ard (yes, a reference to Eddie Izzard. It’s a blog, what do you expect – journalism?) are having a storied season, as Izzo’s teams are prone to do. They’ve been flying high ever since the comeback against Kansas.

And in case you’re wondering – no, it doesn’t make me as a Jayhawk fan feel better seeing how far M. State is going. It makes me feel worse. It makes me realize KU could have, SHOULD HAVE, made it to the championship.

I think Williams can chalk up his second National Title tonight, and continue to etch his name just slightly under “Dean Smith.” The man is an amazing coach.

Despite that very close loss to M. State, Bill Self was named and should have been named the AP Coach of the Year. What he was able to accomplish this season was amazing. We all know the story, title last year, players leave, KU’s all like not real good, then it’s like “whoa these guys could be good”, then you’re all hey they’re pretty fuckin’ good” – the loss this year was a tough one, but a Sweet 16 was honestly not expected this year. Hell, we had a title last year.

There’s been some speculation that Aldrich and Collins – KU’s two stars – will enter the NBA draft. Aldrich was great in the tourney, but not great enough to earn the kind of dough he’ll get if he stays one more year and dominates the post across all of NCAA basketball. I think he’ll stay around, and if he stays, my guess is Collins will give it a try to get one more title. Rock Chalk motherfuckers.