Preoccupy L.A. fails to gain steam

LOS ANGELES–A new movement similar in nature to the nationwide Occupy movement is so far failing to gain steam.

Derek McLincoln, a 9th year senior at UCLA, founded the movement on his website last week. He organized a large march to take place over the weekend, with the intention of “doing things that keep us from doing other things — against greed!”

“Everyone wants to occupy this and that,” he said, in an exclusive interview with Sporting Hipster. “But what about preoccupation? Are we so preoccupied with occupying that we’ve forgotten to preoccupy ourselves in the first place?”

Derek expected “thousands” to show up for his planned march, but when he arrived he found only two children, who were actually waiting for a bus.

“I guess everyone was just too busy occupying themselves with other things to get preoccupied.”