Operation GJTSANPICC Now Underway

So far my theory has proven right – everytime I see a Nuggets player in Cherry Creek, they win a big game (two for two thus far).

Given that this theory has now been proven and become a physical law of the universe, I propose a large scale operation to ensure that the Nuggets will win every game from here on out. I call it, Operation Get James to See a Nuggets Player in Cherry Creek, or Op-GJTSANPICC.

This is going to require a lot of effort from everybody, so let’s get creative, folks. Particularly with the team arriving in L.A. today, this is going to require some quick thinking. It will also require A LOT of money. I’m thinking seven-figures minimum, so please PayPal me as much money as you have in your checking account, and at least half of your savings. This is the only, and I mean ONLY way to ensure a Nuggets championship. If you don’t give money, then clearly you are not a Nuggets fan.

So, team GJTSANPICC (prounounced, “gidget-san-pick”), Linas Kleiza did his job by letting me see him in a parking lot, now it’s time for your to step up and do yours.