New Sporting Hipster of the Year Candidate: Swine Flu

The Sports Hipster of the Year Award race just got a little tighter. Coming in as the second nominee for 2009, we have the swine flu.

The World Health Organization says it has pandemic potential, and in response college chicks on vacation in Cancun have been asked to stop making out with each other.

The swine flu’s hipness is undeniable. It’s clingy, tends to spread quickly, and there’s ultimately a lot more people exhibiting only mild symptoms than outright suffering from it. “But how does this disease relate to sports?”, you may rudely ask me. My answer: “Shutup, I don’t like you.”

In response to the outbreak in Mexico City, officials are shutting down two major soccer games – for the spectators. Cameras will be allowed in, and the games will still be televised. The image of a game being played with no spectators is an eerie one, and here’s hoping they push that eerie quality by still playing in a huge stadium, still having all the vendors open, still having popsicle salesmen walk up and down the isles — everything but the audience. Now that would be cool.

So for helping to pull off one of the rarest moments in sports (hell, even little league soccer draws a decent crowd) the Swine Flu of 2009 is thusly named as the second nominee for Sports Hipster of the Year Award.

Other nominees so far include Jay Cutler.