NBC Is a Dick: Wants to Bump Conan for Leno

How would you feel if your company told you that you were getting a huge promotion, had you move to a new city, and promised years of glory in this new role? Pretty good, right? What if that company then said, fuck you, go fuck yourself you little fuckface.

Well, that’s exactly what NBC did to Conan O’ Brien, the funniest man alive.

Why? Advertising dollars have dropped for the Tonight Show since Conan took over. Of course, this is exactly what happened when Conan took over the Late Show from David Letterman — but producers stuck with Conan and his genius, and he killed it. Especially in advertisers’ golden demographic – males age 18-34. Advertisers aren’t paying as much for Conan’s Tonight Show these days — maybe because they’re ad sales dept. is still trying to sell to companies that typically target moronic, obese, lazy over 50 conservative losers — aka Leno’s audience.

Conan – go to Fox. Fuck NBC, they are dickless cunts. Literally.