Michael Vick just one win away from full media pardon

Michal Vick left Sunday’s game with a huge smile on his face.

Was it the win? Perhaps. Was it the fact that he has led his team to become possibly the best in the NFC? Maybe.

Or maybe it’s the news he received — just one more win before a full media pardon regarding his dog fighting conviction.

“I always knew I could work my way back, get enough wins to change my image, but I just can’t believe it’s finally here,” Vick said in a postgame conference.

“We’re excited as an organization,” said coach Andy Reid. “It’s time to put this nonsense behind us, and finally shutup those nutso animal rights people.”

Vick needs just one more win to get a full media pardon, much like Kobe Bryant earned in the NBA.

“Do I think it’s a great idea to arbitrarily set a number of wins that gets an athlete ‘forgiven’ by media even though they are actually disgusting excuses for human beings? I do, I think it’s really awesome,” said NBA commissioner David Stern. “Our athletes have to go through a lot, it’s nice when they can get a break from being reminded of how they raped someone or murdered and tortured innocent animals that literally had their faces torn off and were then executed even more.

“Because, clearly, winning some games is much more important than allowing living beings to have a decent life.”