Michael Jackson “Eerily” Playing More Often on iPod

Brian Davis has noticed what he calls a “strange, and somewhat terrifying trend” lately when listening to music on his iPod.

“I know this sounds crazy, I wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t happening to me. But ever since MJ passed away, my iPod’s shuffle function has totally played more of his songs than usual. I mean sure, there’d be a ‘Billie Jean’ here, a ‘Rock You’ there — but this is getting downright creepy. Just the other day it played two MJ songs right in a row!”

Asked if whether Brian believed in the afterlife, and whether this could somehow be Michael’s spirit reaching out to him, he simply responded, “Whoa, man, you’re creeping me out right now.”

Mr. Davis added that this isn’t the first time something has gone “creepy” with his iPod shuffle feature. It “totally played a shitload of Pavement” right after they announced an indefinite hiatus.