Mark Sanchez Being Considered by Broncos – Really?

One of the big stories right before draft day is whether the Broncos will try to go for Mark Sanchez. This rumor started essentially the second Jay Cutler was traded. I’m no Mel “Blow the Piper” Kiper, but why?

There’s a chance that Sanchez’s workouts have simply shown something that I just don’t see, but I find it hard to believe this is going to be the guy to lead the Broncos, or any NFL team, to the Promised Land. Carson Palmer is very good, and he has yet to do it (yes, not his fault, clearly the fault of his wussy knee), and I don’t think I have to make any arguments about Matt Leinert.

USC alums are a lot like USC coach Pete Carol, they just don’t do well in the NFL. And if they do, they commit a double homicide.

What I’m saying is, why are the Broncos suddenly so interested? When you have two at least capable QBs sitting on your roster, is this really the year you want to make this kind of move, instead of grabbing two great players at other positions where’s there’s actually a need?

I say no, it’s all a smoke screen. I think McDaniels will surprise us, but I just don’t see this deal going through. Trust me, 3 quarterbacks at once is a lot to handle…in bed.