Jay Cutler Needs to Stop Being a Hipster

Jay Cutler has one of the best hipster haircuts in the NFL, and his attitude lately gives him a run at becoming the ultimate sports hipster of the year. He’ll definitely be on the short list.

Hipsters: we despise them, make fun of their ironic mustaches, we all have one main reason why we’re not one – but admit it, we all secretly think they’re pretty cool and want to be one. Let’s face, hipsters are pretty damn hip. None the less, it’s time for Jay Cutler to stop being one.

The problem with hipsters is that they are self-centered and arrogant, and they only care about being seen, no matter the cost. Jay Cutler had a reason to be upset, but like a hipster who’s asked if he likes Kelly Clarkson, he has taken the gesture far too seriously.

It’s time to grow up, Jay. You don’t have to cut your hair, but you have to let go of being a hipster where it counts – in your skinny-jean clad heart.