Hip Check 4/9

Here’s a very short rundown of a few sports stories.

The UConn Women’s Team: 39-0. Hopefully in 30 years there will be much more parity in women’s college ball, and just like the men’s UCLA teams of the ’70s – this will become a thing of distant memory. It’s not helping the ratings, I can tell you that. And dude, UConn women’s coach, whatever the crap your stupid name is – do something else. Take the plunge, coach men’s, coach WNBA, do something ELSE.

Tiger Woods at the Masters: Woods is the only player that can make people care about his sport. If you don’t like golf, you still might tune in to see him go for a win. If you don’t like baseball, there’s not a single player that will draw you in. Of course, that’s partly because he’s not playing a team sport. But there’s no arguing he just has amazing drawing power. Do I hear Hillary running mate rumors for 2016??

NBA Playoffs: The Cavs look great, and should easily be the Eastern Conference Champs. If they aren’t, Lebron, dude, it’s time to move. Even with Lebron playing his best, they’re going to find themselves in a tough match-up against the west in the finals, no matter who they play.

Wow, Denver…might…actually…win a playoff series?? What?? Welcome home Chauncey, I will hold you hostage if you ever threaten to leave.

MLB Season Starts: 3 games down, only 5,562,334 to go. The Rockies won their opening series against the D-Backs, and Tulo is looking like he may have a hot start. Hell, it’s better than last year.

That’s it for now, back to grooming my ironic mustache.