Hip Check 4/24

NBA Playoffs: I love this game!!! Actually I just like it a lot, but I couldn’t commit to it. I’m not saying it’s bad, it just doesn’t have the smarts of the NCAA tournament. I mean I could just listen to the NCAA tournament for days and days, and with the NBA playoffs it’s like I just watch the game and I’m already thinking about what the next game will be like, you know?

Deron Williams Game Winner: Thank God Kobe missed that last shot. Utah has got to at least stretch L.A. out a bit if anyone in the west has a shot at beating them. If they can push it to a game 6 at least, I’ll totally make out with Jerry “I Would Bone” Sloan.

Turns Out Chicago is Still Not that Good: They became self aware. Everyone started talking about how they could possibly beat the Celtics in this series, and they lost it. Plus, they are still not really that good. If the Celtics were all full health I don’t think the first two games would have been as close. On the other hand, the Celts didn’t have an easy road to the championship last year, let’s not forget that. It wasn’t ever necessarily in doubt, but it’s not as if they were on cruise control. They definitely still have enough to make the conference finals, and if they do that how can you not respect it given their post-season injuries.

Little League Pitcher Throws Perfect Game, and Yes, She’s a Chick: 12 year old Mackenzie Brown threw a perfect game, and retired 18 boys. I don’t care if it’s little league, that is freaking amazing, and she deserves all the accolades she gets. The only other chick I know that retired 18 boys at once is…let’s just stop this joke there, there’s really nowhere good it can go.

Yankees vs. Red Sox Approaches: I would be excited if this match up hadn’t gone from exciting rivalry to sports cliche. Call me when they meet in the playoffs.