Hip Check 4/16

Michael Vick Rumors of a Reality Show: Seriously. And I think we all know that we’d watch at least one episode, but honestly, without the dog fighting the ratings will not do well.

Hulk Hogan Takes the High Road: “I didn’t do the OJ Simpson thing. I took the high road.” The Hulkster literally said that. He’s also quoted in a recent Rolling Stone interview, “I totally understand OJ.“ Look, divorces get ugly, you’re already banging some random hot chick, why in the hell would you drop OJ’s name? If you weren’t in the professional wrestling business, I’d say this would ruin your career.

NHL Playoffs Begin: I still love hockey, but honestly, it will be hard to care without the Avs in it.

Nuggets Get New Orleans in the First Round: I kind of think Dallas actually would have been a better match-up, but we’ll have to see. If they don’t win this playoff series, think Karl will still be getting “Coach of the Year” chatter, let alone “employed coach”?

Garnett Could Miss the Playoffs: That’s it. No repeat. Without Garnett they have no shot at beating the Cavs.

Still working on that post-modernism article…