Guy in the cubicle next you just remembered Limp Bizkit

In a stunning development, the guy next you at your office just remembered that Limp Bizkit exists, much to your chagrin.

“Oh dude,” he was quoted as saying to you this morning, “‘Break Stuff’ just came up on my iPod! Remember these dudes? They ROCK!”

He then provided you with a 20-minute recap of Limp Bizkit’s career, followed by intermittent updates as he ignored the morning’s work and instead spent ample time searching the Internet.

“Check this out, these guys totally invented rap metal,” your coworker said, citing a random MySpace page. “I hope they tour again soon.”

You then went into the bathroom, stared at yourself in the mirror for several horrifying minutes with the realization that this is what your life is, and proceeded to gouge your eyes out with dull scissors.