Davante Adams now questioning if Rodgers actually liked his poetry

In an exclusive interview with Sporting Hipster, the fallout from Aaron Rodgers’ positive COVID test continues with the stunning revelation that Davante Adams shared some of his poetry with the iconic Green Bay Packers quarterback earlier this year—and now Adams is questioning whether Rodgers was misleading him the entire time.

“He told me it was really good. He even compared it to John Ashbery with notes of E.E. Cummings sprinkled in and said he enjoyed both my word choices as well as my use of symbolism.”

It all began over the summer when Adams privately shared his poem, “Desire is Not the End,” with Rodgers.

“We spent like an hour and a half on video chat just workshopping it. Damn man, now I just don’t know.”

Adams also expressed uncertainly if Rodgers actually likes chicken parmesan that much or just orders it at lunch because he’s hungry and doesn’t know what else to order.