Colt McCoy Makes List of Top 10 Washington Quarterbacks This Year

ARLINGTON, TX — The state of Texas had mixed emotions following last night’s 20-17 overtime defeat of the Dallas Cowboys by Washington.

Colt McCoy, who played his high school and college football in Texas, led Washington to the upset. In fact, he played well enough to crack the top 10 quarterbacks for Washington this season.

“Colt really played well,” said Washington head coach Jay Gruden. “Definitely in the top 10 for the year at that position — top 8? Let’s not get crazy.”

Henry Winkler, who played “the Fonz” in the classic “Happy Days” television show, is slated to start next week.

“Why the fuck not? Fuck it,” coach Gruden explained.

Who would you like to see start at quarterback for Washington?