Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” to be put on permanent repeat in Egypt’s Tahrir Square

CAIRO — The world has marveled over the last several days as protesters in Egypt defy their current leader, Hosni Mubarak, and continue to protest despite lack of sleep and food, violence, and lost wages.

“It’s amazing,” said Schmanderson Pooper, of PNN. “I really don’t understand how they’re able to keep it up.”

Sporting Hipster has learned why the protesters in Egypt haven’t relented — and why, we predict, they never, ever will.


“One day we just started hearing this music,” Said Mouhmed Al-Mouhmed, an Egyptian who attended school in the U.S. “And it made us realize the shitty situation we were in, and that we had the power to change it. We’re never gonna be knocked down!”

Plans have been unveiled to put the song on repeat permanently, or at least until Mubarak finally steps down.

“Your move, Mubarak,” said Mouhmed, as protesters began to chant “Mubarak ain’t never gonna keep us down!” in Arabic.