Brett Favre Changes Mind 600 Times While Ordering Lunch

Sources close to Brett Favre are reporting that he is indeed going to sign with the Minnesota Vikings for the 2009 season. The Vikings and Favre are simply waiting for a physical. But while eating lunch today in a Minneapolis area mall, Favre had an even tougher time making a decision — 600 times tougher to be exact.

“Yeah, I’ll have the Turkey Sandwich, but can I get it with no mayo – I mean light mayo! I mean ham sandwich! I mean soup! I mean side of soup! I mean turkey mayo! I mean mayo with a side of turkey! I mean light on the soup with a side of fries! I mean fried okra! I mean okra stained fried rice! I mean rice cakes! I mean a side of soup with a side of fries with a ham sandwich! Yeah, that’s it….wait! Come back! I need a side of green chili or this deal will never work. I mean yams!”

At last report Favre has still yet to decide over the past three hours, and sources claim it could take another three before he actually eats lunch.