BREAKING: College football player wants to make money based on his skill and hard work

SOMEWHERE, US — Sporting Hipster has learned exclusively than a college football player at a prominent football school that makes tens of millions of dollars directly based on his talent and ability to win games, has interest in making money in the NFL.

The bombshell came when a reporter at a journalistic publication found out agents were interested in hiring the player based on his skill, work ethic, talent, and potential ability to make teams in the NFL better.

“It’s just sickening,” said somebody at a college somewhere, “to think that a student would be thinking about his career while still in school. He should be focusing on enjoying his one brief window of recognition before he breaks his knee and has to move back to the projects. What a greedy, filthy, scumbag.”

Shockingly, many experts believe this is not the first college player to want to get paid for working towards something his entire life.

“These athletes, they think just because they escaped a violence ridden neighborhood after being raised by a single mother who sacrificed everything she had to ensure her child could play the game he loves and set their sights on the singular goal of creating a comfortable life for their family from the age of 10 means that they should be allowed to get money while still in college. News flash, asshole: the college needs every dime of that multi-million advertising deal to deflect all the sexual harassment lawsuits. So selfish, these athletes,” commented a broadcaster at a prominent sports media outlet.

The athlete was unavailable for comment, but tweeted something at some point.