Bracketologist Sued for Malpractice

A stunning announcement hit the bracketology community following one of the wildest weekends in recent NCAA basketball tournament history.

Noted bracketologist, Dr. Irving L. Smith, is being sued in federal court for malpractice stemming from “gross negligence in the matter of VCU and Butler.”

The suit,a class action lawsuit with some 20 million plaintiffs, alleges that the bracketologist failed to do any research on the strengths of VCU, and simply assumed their conference was “totally weak.”

Furthermore, the suit alleges, Dr. Smith failed to recognize how overrated the Big East is.

“This sucks ass,” said Jason O’Neill. “I had Notre Dame and Pitt in the Final Four. Dammit.”

Dr. Smith received his bracketology degree in 1974 from the University of Rhode Island, which has one of the most highly touted programs in the country. Between his studies at the university and his residence at the Lunardi Institute, he is one of the most respected bracketologists in the nation.