Bowlen to Cutler: You’re Out; Jay Cutler to Be First Official Hipster Sportsman of the Year Nominee

There are those who idly sit by, sipping their PBRs, kicking back with their worn out converse, jamming the Dandy Warhols (the first album you dick, not the “popular” one). Ah yes, the dog days of hipsterdom.

Then there are those that seek not merely to bask in irony, but to etch there names in only the most elite of hipster hierarchy. Those who say, no!, I will not simply be a douchebag, I will be THE douchebag.

Jay Cutler, my friends, has finally reached this pinnacle.

Pat Bowlen, who as we know is one of those dudes that when he speaks up, your nards slightly shrink, has had it with Jay Cutler. And apparently, all of Denver has as well.

A poll on the Denver Post shows that roughly 60% say good riddance. 60% of Denver, who have essentially canonized Elway, and would literally lick his ass if given the opportunity.

That says a lot. And the whining, sniveling QB better hope he doesn’t end up like T.O. – a detriment to every team he goes to, and fodder for TMZ.

That being said, here’s some exciting news: has it’s first OFFICIAL candidate for the Hipster Sportsman of the Year. Congrats to Jay Cutler on this dubious honor.