2010 NCAA Tournament: Dude at Your Office Makes Joke About His Bracket for 50th Time Today

Already highly regarded as one of the most exciting NCAA tournaments in history, the dude next to you at the office continues to make jokes about how bad his bracket is doing.

When shown a chart during a financial meeting, showing the drastic drop in company revenue, he said, “Oh man, that’s like how my bracket would look if I charted it. Know what I mean?”

When eating lunch, you dropped a potato chip on the floor, and he said, “Oh man, look at that chip. If someone steps on that it will look just like my bracket.”

While sitting next to him in the bathroom, trying to pretend you were alone, he shat, and said, “Oh man, look at all that blood in my shit — that’s totally what my bracket will look like by tomorrow!”

No word from sources whether the dude is a complete or merely partial douche.