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A Short Rundown of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Post-Vegas

Watching the opening rounds of the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament in Vegas is a lot like eating at Casa Bonita – the food tastes like crap but everyone’s drunk and having a good time.


Of course the main difference about watching the tourney in Vegas as opposed to anywhere else is the betting. Sure, all those office pools where you fill out your nice little bracket are kind of like betting, but when you get to Vegas you throw those little bastards right out the window. Suddenly, you’re not rooting for Western Kentucky to get the upset, you’re simply rooting for them to lose by less than 8. There’s an argument in here somewhere about how betting ruins the enjoyment of sports, ala the way fantasy football ruins sports, but I’ll save that for another time. Or never.


Putting that aside, betting is fun, and betting on the tournament was a lot of fun. But even more fun was watching the games with hundreds of fans cheering on their teams and always cheering for a good game.

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Hip Check 3/18

A quick look at what’s on my mind today:


Leaving for Vegas tomorrow morning: I know this blog just got going, but you’ll just have to be on the edge of your seat for the weekend. I’ll give a rundown of the first round on Monday.


NIT Action: This is shaping up to be one of the most entertaining NIT tourneys – maybe ever. My New Mexico Lobos handled Nebraska fairly comfortably. I wish they were in the big dance, but you know what, it’s just nice to see them win a tournament game of any kind. It’s been a while.


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2009 NCAA Basketball Tourney Starts Tonight

That title really should read, 2009 NCAA Basketball Tourney “Starts” Tonight. A 16 seed will beat a one seed…eventually. And Alabama State vs. Morehead State is not going to bring that fantasy to life.


That being said, this will be a great game. Watch for the interior presence of Rodney McDaniels displaying Morehead’s surprisingly deep post game. And look out for Wally Nelson to light it up from 3-point land for Bama State. Also, please note that I completely made up the last two sentences.


My Pick: Alabama State. At least we all know roughly where it is.


Morning Hip Check 3/16

The Tournament is Set: If you haven’t started acting like you’re sick at work by now, welcome to the big leagues amateur. You should have already visited the doctor at least 3 times. Of course, there’s always the “emergency” method. “Boss, I just found out I have a 3rd ball, I have to get to the hospital. Only for about the next four days though. Then I’ll be back for one day. Then gone two more days the next week. Let’s see, and sometime in April I’m pretty sure this extra testicle will be bothering me again….Hey you can’t fire me, I quit!”

Trust me, this is almost always how these conversations go. Just stream it, despite what the IT dude says.

Cutler Puts All His Houses Up For Sale, Sheffler Wants In

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Jay Cutler Needs to Stop Being a Hipster

Jay Cutler has one of the best hipster haircuts in the NFL, and his attitude lately gives him a run at becoming the ultimate sports hipster of the year. He’ll definitely be on the short list.

Hipsters: we despise them, make fun of their ironic mustaches, we all have one main reason why we’re not one – but admit it, we all secretly think they’re pretty cool and want to be one. Let’s face, hipsters are pretty damn hip. None the less, it’s time for Jay Cutler to stop being one.

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