Weekend Recap


It hurt: to watch Kansas drop a 13 point lead, and start throwing the ball away — essentially handing the win right over to Michigan State. Michigian State went on to beat Louisville, sure, but how much of that was M. State playing well, and L.ville playing like children with severed hands?


But I guess I can’t complain too much. The high of a national title is still just a little present, like the morning after a night of dirnking it you can tell it’s still kind of affecting you. A tough loss, but hey, what can you do, they’re only human (damn them if they lose again so help me god I will single handedly maul each one of them).


The Final Four: Way to go Villanova and M. State. If you tell me you had M. State in your final four, then you are a liar. I would love to sit here and say UConn will demolish them, but they have had a way of getting teams to play like crap lately, so who knos. Villanova was a sexy pick to make it this far, and for very good reason. They’re pretty damn good. But with Pitt and Louisville out, this tournament is ripe for the Hansbrough’s taking. If it wasn’t true before, it’s def true now – if UNC doesn’t get the title, this is a very disappointing season.


Tiger Woods is back: He won a tour tournament! OMG! I hate gold, but c’mon, you gotta give a little bit of a crap about this.


The Kentuckey Job: Billy Donovan should take it. In fact, he’s stupid not to. You’ll be a nice footnote in college ball history at Florida, you can be a legend at Kentuckey (even if I do hate them).


That’s all for now, happy Monday you jerks!



Sweet 16 Roundup and Preview


Man it’s good to have games being played again, isn’t it? Sadly, after this weekend the madness will die down. The Final Four will be fun, I’m sure, but it’s just not the same when you can look in the corner of your TV screen and watch the scores of other games tick by.


Did anyone ever doubt Villanova would win?: They are playing great, great b-ball, and it would be no surprise if they handle Pitt the same way they’ve handled their last two opponents.


Mizzou – how’d this happen?: Mike Anderson, their new coach, that’s how it happened. What a streak, but Memphis’ comeback showed they may be vulnerable when the pressure really drops on them.


Tonights games: No longer just a fan’s blindly ignorant ranting, Kansas has a very legit shot at taking out Izzo and co. They have come together at the right time, and they have nothing to lose at this point. If Collins and Aldrich are on their game — watch out…watch out for freaking AWESOMENESS!!!


Arizona is going to lose. Nuff said.


Cuse and Oklahoma? Tough call, this should be a monster game.


Finally, Ty Lawson is playing through his toe pain (anyone surprised by that? No you weren’t, you liar.), and Carolina is going to keep on chugging all the way to Detroit.


The one good thing about the tourney getting closer to the end? That much closer to the One Shining Moment finale.

Very Quick Hip Check, 3/26

NIT: Paddy Mills finally lost, but it was to another team that got one of the bigger snubs this year in Sand Diego State (also, one of the worst names for a university). Hopefully this guy comes back stronger next year, and St. Mary’s makes even more a splash on the national scene.


Notre Dame beat Kentucky, which (hopefully) makes my Lobos losing to them after a buzzer beater look that much better. A lot of speculation about Gillespie getting the boot from Kentucky. Not sure why they hired him in the first place.


Baylor has been playing very well since the beginning of the Big 12 tournament. They have a shot at this thing, but it will be hard to match up with either ND or San Diego.


Goodell Will Consider Vick’s Remorse: We all remember those tender words from Mike’s assistant, or whoever the hell that guy was, “These are Mike’s words.” He touched us so deeply with his mildly regretful words (but they were his words, man).


Vick will probably get reinstated, seem more apologetic, and bounce around from team to team never really accomplishing anything. What he did should haunt his career, and he’ll be a joke in pop culture for a long time to come.


That’s it for now, sorry for the extreme shortness, but there’s a blizzard here, all right! GET OFF MY BACK!

Did UConn Violate Recruitment Rules with Nate Miles?

Damn that Yahoo!! Once again they’ve broken a major story on recruitment violation.


Allegedly UConn coaches and a student manager may have provided Nate Miles, a former player who actually never played a game, with lodging, transportation and meals.


Ironically, Nate Miles never played a game for UConn. He was expelled as a freshman after violating a restraining order.


Which brings me to my main point: Nate Miles sounds like a great guy. Shame they went through all that trouble to recruit him.


I wonder what kind of meals you feed a guy like that to bribe him? I mean, he’s probably not into fancy stuff. I would demand donuts and pizza myself.



Short Hip Check 3/25

Lance’s injury more serious: He’ll need surgery. Like that will matter. He’s probably already ran 3 marathons today.


McCutler gate: Apparently the “feuding” parties were set to speak last night, and it’s unclear if they ever did. (I mean, really, this is a “feud?” Ireland v. England – that was a freakin’ feud!)


Waiting impatiently for the Sweet 16: If you’re like me, it’s hard to put any sports on the ol’ TV without getting pumped for the 16. Especially when they’re showing last year’s World Series of Poker for the 68th time.


Nuggets Linas Kleiza fined: Dude must have said some serious trash to the refs, since he’s getting fined 25 grand for it. Dude, you know a language that they don’t – use it.


Eric Casilias was on Mike and Mike today!: I love that guy! He’s like Tony Cornholeser, except actually cool. Haven’t heard from him in a long time.


That’s all for now. Sweet 16 can’t get here fast enough.

Don’t Complain About the 2009 Sweet 16


There seems to be a lot of “other” sports bloggers out there talking smack about the fact that the sweet 16 does not feature any low seeds. (Sure, there’s Arizona, but was that really a surprise considering a.) there’s pretty good and, b) look at who they had to play to get there).


Sure, Cinderallas are great, they’re fun, they give everyone who’s teams got knocked out already someone to cheer for — but at some point they generally show their vulnerability, and reinforce why the higher seeds are — higher freaking seeds.


This year’s Sweet 16 is going to feature some of the best match-ups we have ever seen in NCAA tourney history.


Glass slippers are nice, but if you don’t like that, you are an idiot.

Morning Hip Check 3/24

Here’s what’s chafing me today:


Lance Armstrong broke his collarbone: Damn dude, that sounds painful. Of course, the only thing that would make a Tour comeback win even more impressive would be him coming back from yet another major health problem.


Curt Shilling retires: Congratulations, your entire career will no forever be remembered for a sock.


The Canadiens might go up for sale: As long as they don’t leave Montreal, this probably won’t affect you in any meaningful way. The funny part – they claim it’s because of the economy. Right, because millions upon millions just don’t go as far as they used to.


St. Mary’s defeats Davidson in the NIT: Maybe that’s why St. Mary’s didn’t make it into the tourney, they wanted to see this match-up. It was great, two awesome players, but Paddy Mills managed to show up Curry by carrying his team to a victory. Still can’t help but wonder how far he could have taken them in the Big Dance. That dude is ridiculous.


McDaniels speaks out: He sent Jay Cutler a text message. I wonder what it said?


“lol, omg r u watch da march mad? bff”


The Nuggets can’t win: At least not in Phoenix. They were very close. Maybe Karl should have taken out all the players except for Anthony Carter.


That’s all for now, gotta get back to the grind.

A Short Rundown of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Post-Vegas

Watching the opening rounds of the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament in Vegas is a lot like eating at Casa Bonita – the food tastes like crap but everyone’s drunk and having a good time.


Of course the main difference about watching the tourney in Vegas as opposed to anywhere else is the betting. Sure, all those office pools where you fill out your nice little bracket are kind of like betting, but when you get to Vegas you throw those little bastards right out the window. Suddenly, you’re not rooting for Western Kentucky to get the upset, you’re simply rooting for them to lose by less than 8. There’s an argument in here somewhere about how betting ruins the enjoyment of sports, ala the way fantasy football ruins sports, but I’ll save that for another time. Or never.


Putting that aside, betting is fun, and betting on the tournament was a lot of fun. But even more fun was watching the games with hundreds of fans cheering on their teams and always cheering for a good game.

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